Why you should try a whole grain pancake mix

Pancakes are a popular breakfast favorite, with some restaurants exclusively catering different pancake varieties. They are round, flat and typically thin wheat-based cakes cooked on frying pans or griddles. Although pancakes can be made out of a variety of different flours! Crepes are similar cousin of pancakes. Both are typically topped with fruits, syrups, jams, or even savory choices with meats, eggs and or other savory selections. Although traditionally eaten as a breakfast food, they are gaining popularity as an anytime food choice with dessert varieties or pancake sandwich options popping up all over.

Whole grain pancake mix is important because it contains more nutrition that white flour. ‘Whole grain’ means that the flour still has the fiber, vitamins, minerals and some phytonutrients that are naturally occurring in the food. White flour has been stripped and bleached, resulting is little-to-no nutritional value.

Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle mix

Recipe Ideas for Whole grain Pancake

  • Try whole wheat pancakes by adding fruits and nuts to the batter, then cook.
  • Add food coloring to make festive pancakes and have a pancake party with your family.
  • Instead of using hamburger buns, substitute two pancakes.
  • Make pancake breakfast rolls, add veggies, meatless sausages, cheese and eggs plus syrup for a filling breakfast.

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